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Youki The Wound Healer is two-part approach to advanced wound healing and scar revision.

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Youki Bio-Cell Spray-on dressing for open wounds, and

Youki Skin Repair Cream for scar revision

Youki The Wound Healer creates an environment for accelerated wound healing by providing a “scaffold” for new cells. It assists healing by providing a protective layer that shields new cells during the epithelialisation and granulation phases.


Hard to heal wounds

  • leg ulcers
  • pressure sores
  • diabetic foot ulcers
  • other ulceratead wounds
  • Raynaud’s & Lupus sufferers
  • trauma to periwound skin
  • fragile, dehydrated & flaking skin
  • iatrogenic response

Post-surgical and aesthetic

  • post surgery
  • laser skin treatments
  • skin-needling
  • dermal fillers and injectables
  • fractional laser resurfacing
  • laser/ IPL hair removal
  • RF and plasma treaments
  • cosmetic tattooing
  • forms an inert film over the wound
  • negates the “rip or pull” dilemma
  • avoids trauma to the peri-wound area
  • enables the exudate to discharge freely
  • suitable for any size wound and awkward areas
  • easy and quick to apply
  • potential for self-application
  • reduces nursing time

“I use Youki on various coronary artery bypass grafting wounds, and have found that it makes healing quicker. It leaves the skin less itchy, less scaly, and dramatically reduces the chances of the skin breaking down. After patients have used it and seen the effects for themselves, they tend not to use anything else as the proof is right there in front of them!”

Shyam Kolvekar, Consultant cardiothoracic surgeon, UCL

“Youki is an amazing product. I have no doubt that Youki works, and that it could save the NHS millions of pounds in dressings, wound care, GP time, district nurse visits and follow-up appointments. I have been a chemist for 48 years and I can honestly say that Youki is unlike any product I have come across.”

Dennis Gore, community pharmacist in Manchester

“Youki Bio-Cell Spray soothes and calms the skin immediately after medical needling and we give patients Youki Skin Repair Cream to use at home. This has reduced downtime  by more than 50% with little or no peeling observed.”

Zoe Myers, MediZen Clinic

“Youki is great for fast effective skin healing and reduces ‘down time’ by about 50% post treatment following Derma pen / micro needling, ACP, skin resurfacing treatments including medical demabrasion and laser.”

Theresa Fleetwood, Andresa Aesthetics